About Hawkeye Forest Products

Hawkeye Forest Products started in the hardwood lumber business with the goal of pleasing our customers. The response and demand from customers was beyond our expectations! In the fall of 1984, we expanded our warehouse, built three dry kilns, installed a wood waste boiler and we haven't looked back since!

In 2014, Hawkeye Forest Products joined forces with Baillie Lumber and became part of what is now referred to as The Baillie Group, a global hardwood lumber team that is proud to be able to serve customers in nearly every region of the world!

Today, Hawkeye Forest Products is a leading supplier to distribution yards, cabinet manufacturers, furniture manufacturers and end users.  With over 300,000 board feet of kiln capacity and ample warehouse space, we can provide truckload or container sized shipments to customers of any size -- large or small.

We pay strict attention to the smallest of details every step of the way.  We focus on the important daily routines of producing quality hardwood lumber and also take the additional measures of care needed in the treating and handling of the lumber we produce.  We do this because we are convinced that a willingness to spend extra time, and a determination to go the "extra mile," guarantees our customers a product of unusually high standards!

About Hawkeye Forest Hardwood
About Hawkeye Forest Hardwood